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“Chairman's Message”

The present era is very demanding and full of challenges. Therefore the education should keep pace with the changing times. Perfect education is the dire need of the hour which not only includes bookish knowledge but all round development of the child. Right education should give a basic meaning to personality and existence a dignified pose in life, a sane balance of judgment of right and wrong, good and bad .

Despite numerous mushrooming of B.Ed. colleges Raj Rajeshwari college of Education is striving hard to provide right education to its students. The main motive of our college is to provide quality education which includes imparting ethical values to students.

Management as well as staff members are quite competent to lead students in the right direction and to assist them to face competitive world. They are quite work alcoholic and are eveready to assist students to reach scaling heights.

There is truth in the epigram;

”Don’t be like stones which are found everywhere, be like diamonds which are precious and rare”. 
So if you want to be rare diamonds join Raj Rajeshwari college which will make you one by continuously carving you.

Raj Rajeshwari Education Society