1. First and foremost college is having magnificent building of its own.
  2. Proper library exists with a seating capacity of fifty students and number of books, magazines, journals related to various fields.
  3. Well equipped laboratories.
  4. One day tour is organized for the students free of cost by the management.
  5. Five days tour is being organized every year by college to places of historical importance in which students are required to pay only half of the total amount and the rest is paid by management.
  6. Participation of students in number of activities such as seminars, workshops, declamations, debates, games and expenditure for the same is met by management.
  7. Faculty members participate in various state level and national level workshops, seminars, orientation courses, refresher courses and the required expenditures are met by the management.
  8. Number of guest lectures are organized every year and the expenditure for organizing such lecture is also met by management.
  9. At the end of the session scholarships are granted by the management to economically weaker students.
raj-rajeshwari college of education
raj-rajeshwari college of education
abhilashi group of institutions, mandi
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